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Successful 2019

20/12/2019 19:00
Congratulations to all our members who have succcessfully graded and competed this year and a warm welcome to all our new members who have joined us this year.  A big thank you to all the coaches who have given up their time this year to train every Friday.  Thank you all for...


08/11/2019 19:14
Congratulations to Alfred for achieving 9th Mon in October


27/09/2019 19:19
Congratulations to Dylan on successfully grading in September.


06/09/2019 19:24
Congratulations to Jack & Martin for successfully grading in July and August.

June Gradings

28/06/2019 19:42
Congratulations to Joel, Edward and William for completing their first grading in June.


17/05/2019 19:27
Congratulations to all those who completed their gradings this month:


05/06/2017 18:05
Well done to those who passed a grading in May. Archie - 2nd Mon, Omar - 2nd Mon, Alfred - 3rd Mon, Finlay - 3rd Mon, Fynn - 4th Mon and Kevin - 6th Kyu


01/05/2017 10:25
Well done to those who passed a grading in April. Fynn - 3rd Mon, Rhys - 1st Kyu and Westley - 1st Kyu.

Price increase

07/04/2017 19:42
Just a reminder to all members that there will be a price increase of 50 pence per member per session. As of May 1st, the price will be £3.50 for juniors and £4.50 for seniors.


07/04/2017 16:15
Well done to those who passed a grading in March. Archie - 1st Mon, Gorran - 1st Mon, Kiran - 1st Mon, Omar - 1st Mon, Shay - 1st Mon, Toby - 1st Mon, Alfred - 2nd Mon, Finlay - 2nd Mon, Fynn - 2nd Mon, Jaya - 2nd Mon, Joel - 2nd Mon, Abbie - 3rd Mon, Theo -3rd Mon.
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